March 22, 2017

YAY Technology

YAY Technology is a Business of the Month for March 2017!

Visit them at 823 W Bridge St in Blackfoot, or on the web at

YAY Technology has been serving Blackfoot since 2008. Owner Jonathan Swain had moved to Blackfoot with his wife, Emily, after they each finished their master’s degrees at Purdue University, and she began a career at INL. Jonathan was approached by Susan Mann at the BPAC about building them a website. He hadn’t decided on a career path, and the thought of starting his own business intrigued him, so YAY Technology began! 9 years later, we’re happy to still have a great relationship with the BPAC, and to have built so many other lasting relationships with local businesses and individuals! We’re also proud to have grown from working from home, though a few short-term locations, to our more than 2,000 square foot shop where we currently do business, right on Bridge street in the middle of town. YAY Technology now has a small team of workers – Jon and Eric do most of the tech work, Janelle handles books, and Chris cleans each weekend. We’ve also been able to provide learning experiences to about a half dozen individuals through internships and work experience opportunities over the years.

We’ve always been open to the needs of our customers. While we started with websites, we were soon helping customers with not just website needs, but also computer repairs. We have established processes for tune-ups and virus removals that result in quick turnaround on repairs, as well as quality work at a very fair price. We’ve done all sorts of repairs to all sorts of devices. We frequently recover files from old dead computers, restoring customers’ memories by given them back their photos and documents they once thought lost. Eric recently received a hug from a teen upon receiving her laptop back, afraid all was lost when the screen was shattered.

We also have done quite a bit of work with media editing. We’ve created videos from scratch for use for commercials, converted videos between formats, and created disks and other formatted media for saving & sharing memories. We’ve also designed numerous business logos and other custom designed graphics.

We’ve experimented in other areas as well. We’ve done some home audio/video installations and assistance. We’ve helped set up some creative displays for the Potato Museum renovation. We’ve helped artists digitize their artwork for display online, or in print media. We really enjoy the variety of projects, so when a customer contacts us asking if we can do this or that, we carefully consider if we can help them at a quality level we can be proud of, and we like to say yes to odd projects!

What is the best business advice you received?

Probably “The “Platinum Rule – Treat others the way they want to be treated”. This requires a lot of empathy – really putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. I’ve had a few jobs that I ended up having to take a loss on, not because I’d done something wrong, but because something out of my control had gone wrong while the customer was trusting their computer or project in my care. I could’ve tried to get out of making things right because “it wasn’t my fault”, but the fact was the customer was trusting that by coming to me, their situation would be improved. I knew if I were in the customer’s position, I’d be very frustrated or disappointed if things weren’t made right, so I made things right. I’d much rather have a satisfied customer and a clear conscience than to make sure I make a profit on every job. I trust that customers overall will see and honor that, and it will more than make up for the occasional loss.

What do you think a incoming business owner in Blackfoot should be aware of?

There’s a lot more going in in Blackfoot than meets the eye at first glance. There are a lot of interesting, specialized businesses around town. There’s also a larger market to think of, because of the easy transportation up & down the interstate. It’s very easy to do business across several counties because of this.

Common questions: What does YAY stand for?

It’s not an acronym, it’s just meant to be a fun, easy to remember business name. While trying to think of a business name, my wife & I were talking one day about some tech thing that was neat, and I said “YAY technology! … hey, that would make a good business name!” So I played with logo design for the name, and was happy with what I came up with, and it stuck.

Common questions: Do you have a location in Idaho Falls?

We get this question (or sometimes if we have a location in Blackfoot) because of our 557 phone number. While we’ve provided service occasionally in Idaho Falls, we’ve always been located in Blackfoot. We have a 557 number because our phone uses Google Voice, and it was the closest number they had available.