Dear Vendor,

Vendor Application

If you would like to be a part of Celebrate Blackfoot, you will need to:

  • A copy of your liability insurance – you will have to provide current proof before the event.
  • A copy of your Health Department License if you are a food vendor. – you will have to provide current proof before the event. Or proof that license is not required. We will have health inspections before opening. All vendors not compliant must fix what is not compliant in order to setup and sell at this event.
  • Electrical cords, tables, canopies, water hoses, water splitters, etc.
  • ST124, Idaho State Tax Commission Temporary Sellers Permit (Idaho Sales Tax Declaration Form)
  • Request for electricity. (There are limited electrical outlets. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need electricity. Please specify in this form what electrical you will need so that we can plan accordingly. Failure to put down electrical needs may result in lack of electricity for vendors.) If you need electricity, it will be an additional $50 fee. If your booth needs additional electrical needs on the day of, you will be required to pay our hired electrician
    the appropriate amount to fix your electrical plugs to fit the generator. Your electrical must be a minimum of a 14 gage extension cord and must not have any splices in it. And you must have a grounding prong.
  • Vendor pass request. Two (2) vendor passes will be issued to you upon receipt of your contract and payment. Vendor passes will be to drive in to setup and tear down.

Set Up

  • Jensen Grove will be open to vendors for set up any time after 3 p.m., Friday, July 1, 2022.
  • Set up MUST be complete by 8:30 a.m., Saturday, July 2, 2022. Vehicles must be out of the grove by 9:00 am. Vehicles will not be allowed in the grove area until Saturday after the crowds have dispersed due to public safety concerns.

  • Vendor passes will be required for entry/exit all day.

Take Down 

  • Vendors can take down and vacate the park any time after the firework show and crowds have disbursed on, Saturday, July 2nd. Vendors need to vacate the park by 12 p.m., Sunday, July 3rd. Once you are in the park, you cannot take a motorized vehicle in or out of the park due to crowds until the specified times.

Places to Stay

  • Eastern Idaho State Fair RV Park: The #208-785-2480 

  • Blackfoot City RV Park: #208-785-8600 

  • Best Western: #208-785-4144 

  • Super 8: #208-785-9333 

  • No RV’s or camp trailers will be allowed inside Jensen Grove. to allow room for vendors & patrons. 

For additional information contact:

Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce / Celebrate Blackfoot Committee 

Celebrate Blackfoot Vendor Contract

CONTRACT CONDITIONS: The organizer asks for the full cooperation of all vendors. Any points not covered are subject to a decision by the organizer and shall be final.

RENTAL: This contract for booth space must be signed by a duly authorized agent of the vendor and accompanied with the booth rental space fee as follows:

Vendor spots are chosen according to first priority of Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce Members, second priority will be given to past vendors, and then it will be first come first serve on completion of application and cleared payment.

Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce Members:

  • Nonprofit Information Booths: $75
  • Retail Vendors: $150
  • Food Vendors: $400
  • Power fee: $50

If you choose to not pay for power, you will not be allowed to use the power available. We have limited power and we determine how many generators we need in accordance with what you put down on this application.

Non-Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce Members:
  • Nonprofit Information Booths: $100
  • Retail Vendors: $200
  • Food Vendors: $500
  • Power Fee: $50

If you choose to not pay for power, you will not be allowed to use the power available. We have limited power and we determine how many generators we need in accordance with what you put down on this application.

FUNDRAISER BOOTHS will be considered and approved through the Celebrate Blackfoot Committee. Fundraiser booths are required to fill out the contract and turn it in to be considered for approval. The committee will assess or waive a fee.

PAYMENT is due in full by May 16, 2022. Contracts received after May 16, 2022 will be assessed an additional $50 processing fee. No refunds will be made on cancellations after June 17, 2022 (unless our event is cancelled due to COVID).

MAINTENANCE OF RENTAL SPACE: Vendors shall keep their booth space clean and orderly at all times, and shall not engage in any activity which would unduly interfere with visitors or other vendors or would be in violation of law, or city ordinance. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up all of their garbage from their booths as well as any garbage surrounding their booths. Booths not maintained, or cleaned up, after the festival may be subject fines or additional fees.

BOOTH CONSTRUCTION: Booths are required to be neat, clean and maintain their areas surrounding and need to be built to withstand weather, including winds up to 40 mph. Canopies & tenting will need to be properly affixed to the ground as to not create a tripping hazard. Canopies will not be allowed to be staked to the ground due to sprinkler systems.

REGULATIONS: All food vendors must comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the Federal, State, County, or City food/health laws and are to secure the appropriate licenses and proof of liability insurance must be attached to this contract. An adequate fire extinguisher must be in all food booths. The licensee is required to display a placard, plainly printed, showing menu and prices. If you are not compliant to health code standards, you will not be able to participate in Celebrate Blackfoot and we will not refund vendor fees.

BOOTH LOCATION: We will assign booth locations. Your booth location is not negotiable. We will assign according to both power requirements and water requirements

Any and all acts that violate the Celebrate Blackfoot, Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce or City of Blackfoot requirements in our mission of providing a safe, wholesome, family oriented event are prohibited, and the Celebrate Blackfoot, Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce and/or City of Blackfoot is authorized to terminate any violator by taking all actions deemed appropriate, including but not limited to: closing the vendor for the event and/or removing said violators from the premises.

BOOTH REQUIREMENTS: Set up begins July 1, 2022 after 3:00 p.m. A map with the assigned areas will be given prior to arrival. All setups must be completed by 8:30 a.m., July 2nd. No cars will be allowed in or out after 9:00 a.m. Saturday July 2nd. Tear down will take place and be completed by 11:30 p.m. Saturday July 2nd or they will have to be torn down on Sunday morning July 3rd by 12:00 p.m. The gates will be locked.

NOTE: Vendors are responsible for their own security overnight. If your booth uses water, make sure you have your own hoses & water splitters. If you need ice, please make sure you coordinate someone to bring in the appropriate amounts for you as vehicles are prohibited in the grove. We will also have ice available to purchase the day of the event. You must coordinate with Richard Johnson to get ice. All deliveries/supplies will need to be in Saturday before 9 am.

STATEMENT OF POLICY: The Celebrate Blackfoot Committee and organizers disclaim any liability for damages or losses caused to or by any vendor by fire, water, windstorm, utility failures, rodents, acts of vandalism, civil disorder, strikes, criminal acts, or thefts. Celebrate Blackfoot nor the City of Blackfoot will not be responsible for any failure of electricity or other services. Vendors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense. Vendors shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless the organizer, Celebrate Blackfoot and the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce & the City of Blackfoot.

LIABILITY: The Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce is not responsible for any accident or torts related to vendor booths and displays related to the festival. Vendors accept liability stemming from the operation, setup, and removal of their booths, merchandise, and equipment. The Chamber of Commerce is not responsibility for damages to vendor booths and displays.

CORRESPONDENCE: All correspondence relative to vendors can be directed to: The Greater Area Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce / Celebrate Blackfoot Committee

70 West Judicial Avenue

Blackfoot, ID 83221

208-785-0510 or email at: chamber@blackfootchamber.org

Celebrate Blackfoot Vendor Application

Our Vision

The Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce will continue to be a value adding organization promoting general business prosperity and supporting a positive quality of life through economic, civic, agricultural, cultural, industrial, educational, and recreational interests.