December 2012 Newsletter

President’s Message

Well, this message is bitter-sweet to write, because it is my last message as President of the Chamber. Being President was a huge honor for me. The mechanics of the Chamber are run by Tish, Jesica and Norma, so it wasn’t like I had to do anything monumental, but the position does involve you in most of the decision making.
Our next big event will be the President’s Lunch in January. We will recognize some of the great people that made this year possible. We have the award for “Best Foot Forward” at the President’s lunch, but last year we also added, Member of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year. That is a good lunch for door prizes, too. Everyone seems to step up the prizes for the President’s Lunch.
Now that Thanksgiving is in the books, it is time to move on to Christmas. It seems like Christmas items are showing up in the stores earlier and earlier every year. I like the real meaning of Christmas, but it gets lost in all of the commercialization. The community will be able to experience the “Live Nativity” coming up this December at Jensen’s Grove. Since it takes a lot to put it on, and volunteers have gotten burned out, we haven’t had it for a couple of years. It is too bad because it is really a great experience and a lot of the community gets involved.
If you are a Chamber Member please try and make it to the Luncheon in December. Dean and Kathie Andrus from doTERRA Essential Oils will be sponsoring the lunch, but Tish is going to take a few minutes and highlight some of the benefits, and ways to use the Chamber to get the most out of your membership. Lets call it a refresher course.
The Idaho Potato Museum is going to host the After Hours on the 19th of December. The Museum and Gift Shop is a great place to buy Christmas gifts for relatives out of state.
Have a great “Holiday Season”, and the best to you and yours.

Director’s Message

“Tis the season to be jolly …” and we are certainly primed and ready to make the best of Christmas and New Year’s!

Santa Claus is in residence at the UPRR caboose that is located in our south parking lot. He visits with area children every Wednesday evening from 4-7 p.m. We are lucky to have Santa – he is sort of a “friend of a friend.” Santa has a connection with the firefighters at the Blackfoot Fire Department. I’m not sure how they became acquainted but I think it had something to do with a chimney fire …?

Chamber staff has decked our halls which we share with the Idaho Potato Museum and there is a general feeling of “good will to men” everywhere. This goodwill will be extended to all Chamber members who attend the Dec. 12 luncheon. The Chamber will be donating plenty of gifts to keep our holiday spirits up, up, up! Dean Andrus is the lunch sponsor.

Don’t forget to include a Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificate in your Santa sacks! These certificates can be purchased in any amount and make wonderful stocking stuffers. Better yet, the money is circulated at local businesses which keeps our local economy thriving!

The Chamber will receive one of its Christmas presents early this year. According to Lytle Signs, the digital marquee we’ve been hoping for all year will be installed this month. The digital sign would not have happened without the generous support from Bingham Memorial Hospital, the Idaho Transportation Department and the City of Blackfoot. The new digital sign will mean more exposure for Chamber businesses! Have we been good this year or what!

If you are not feeling the “ho, ho, ho!” yet, there are plenty of local events that will put a little jingle in your step. There are community projects to contribute to like the Community Dinner Table and the Children’s Community Christmas Project. If you want to immerse yourself in traditional Christmas activities attend the Bingham County Historical Society’s Christmas Extravaganza that winds up this Saturday. View the Community Christmas tree, eat a cookie, listen to carolers, and take a wagon ride up and down Shilling Street.

Other holiday events include Saturday’s Winter Walk. Check out all the fun Christmas-y merchandise. You’ll find unique gifts for the people on your “nice” list. After the Walk, swing by the Lutheran Church for their annual cookie sale. Nothing says Christmas like a homemade cookie!

As for parties – the Idaho Potato Museum will host their annual After Hours on Dec. 19 from 5-7 p.m. There will be food, music and a visit from someone special. I don’t want to give away the secret but his initials are S. C.!

The holiday season wraps up at the American Legion for the annual New Year’s Eve Dance. Don’t sit home this year watching the countdown on your TV. Come to the dance, wear a funny party hat and welcome 2013 in with style!

I hope to see you all there! Happy Holidays everyone!


All of us here at Tommy Vaughns would like to say thank you to the chamber for allowing us to be the Business Spotlight of December. Tommy Vaughns is asports themed bar and grill restaurant. We serve a variety of food including steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and a variety of appetizers. We have a full bar including draft beer and a variety of wines. I think one of our best attributes would be our atmosphere. We have 18 HD televisions throughout the restaurant for all your sporting needs. We run daily drink specials including a 1/2 off drafts happy hour from 2-6 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
We just had our 1 year anniversary at Tommy Vaughns. It was a wonderful birthday. We had a band come in and play music for our customers and we all had a really good time. In the past year we have done a variety of different things to our menu and our establishment. Every month we introduce a few new items to our menu. We want to continue to try new things and bring more to our customers. We added an awning to our patio out back. It overlooks Jensens Grove and is a perfect place for lunch or dinner, when the weather permits of course.
We have a banquet room that is separated from the rest of the restaurant. It is a great place for meetings or dinner parties. The room fits 48 people and has an HD television for any presentation that you may have. We can serve anything on our menu in our banquet room. It is getting close to Christmas so call us today for your holiday needs.
We also have begun offsite catering. We have a variety of menu items that we can serve including Prime Rib, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Pulled Pork. We can also cater sandwiches, soup, and salads for functions that are more casual. Contact us at 785-6400 to reserve our banquet room or schedule a catering event.
The past year has been a great experience. We all here appreciate the entire community. We also appreciate the chamber and everything they do for the community. Everyone has been nothing but genuine to us and we look forward to continuing serving you.


The 9th Annual Bingham County Career Exploration Fair is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2012 at Snake River High School, 922 W. Hwy 39, Blackfoot, from 9:00AM to 2:00PM in the gymnasium.  The Planning Committee would like to invite businesses to participate in this worthwhile event.  Being part of the career fair, you will be giving students the opportunity to learn about your business and your hiring practices.  Educational institutions will also be in attendance.  Once the students find out about the employment opportunities in our area, they can then approach the colleges/universities that provide the training required, if necessary.  This will also allow the students to explore job availability in our local area and hope they choose to stay here or return once they obtain their education.  A registration form and additional information may be obtained on the website:  or on Facebook

 The Career Fair Committee will award at least 2 scholarships to selected seniors who attend the fair and meet the qualifications by attending the career fair , writing an essay and providing 2 letters of recommendation.. Applications will be available and can be picked up at the career fair or you can print them out online on the career fair’s website.

Besides participating the day of career fair, your donations of prizes for the students, and/or contributing a monetary donation to be applied towards the scholarship fund would be greatly appreciated. For additional information, you can send a message to: or text:  208-243-8045.  You can also follow us on Facebook by pressing “Like” to Bingham County Career Exploration Fair.

We hope your business takes this great opportunity to participate and help guide the workforce of the future in developing and pursuing their career paths.

BPAC Rings in the Holidays

The Blackfoot Performing Arts Center will be alive with the sounds of Christmas throughout the month of December. Many Blackfoot School District programs are scheduled during the month as well as several community events. For more information about the concerts, look online at or call the BPAC at 208-317-5508.

  • December 7 – Charity Concert for the Needy – 7:30 pm      ($7.00 each)
  • December 10 – Stalker Elementary Program – 7:00 pm
  • December 14, 15, 17 – “The Nutcracker” by Paunie’s      School of Dance 7:00 pm (free)
  • December 19 – BHS Band & Choir Concert – 7:00 pm      (free)



Community Dinner Table, Inc. (CDT – a non-profit organization) is in its 5th year of operation serving the citizens of Blackfoot and Bingham County.  We strive to reduce hunger in our community, and we take on projects that help us accomplish that mission.  While CDT’s visibility started with our famous (1) Tuesday night dinners at the Methodist church (with more than 26,000 meals provided to date), we have undertaken several other projects which are noteworthy – 2) the Blackfoot Mobile Pantry – where once a month 8K to 10K pounds of food are distributed to 150 to 200 families; 3) the Blackfoot Community Garden – where folks we feed can learn to grow their own food; and, 4) the Christmas Basket Project –where we work in tandem with the Idaho FoodBank and both local private and business donors, distributing more than 350 Christmas boxes with enough food to feed a family of 4 -twice. The baskets include food staples, bakery items, canned food, vegetables and either a turkey or ham.  Financially, we return more than $21,000 into our local business community as a result of just the Christmas Basket project.  This one effort represents 2,800 meals – in round figures.  Valued at $7.50 each, the monies left over in each family allow them to purchase other things within our community.  CDT is a leader in the movement to control our own community services projects.  And, CDT is a great place to direct your holiday donations. They would be gratefully accepted!  Happy Holidays!  For more information or to donate please contact Ronda at 557-8232



There are many gifts you can purchase for the holidays, but the one gift that keeps on giving is your HEALTH. This year at GOLD’S GYM BLACKFOOT we would like to help you give the gift of health to the ENTIRE FAMILY. We have put together special gift baskets to give to that special person on your list. What better way to show you care than to give them a healthier life? We have membership as well as membership and personal training packages avialable.

NEW this year will be a gift basket for youth ages 5-15. This basket includes membership to our “KIDS FIT CLUB” This membership includes special youth fitness classes to be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Child obesity is on the rise, and physical education is extremely limited in the schools. Children need to learn to love fitness from a young age. We will have a special youth certified instructor who will teach your children that FITNESS IS FUN!

We look forward to seeing you and your family working together for a healthier life here at Gold’s Gym!



Idaho Potato Museum


130 NW Main, PO Box 801


The Idaho Potato Museum would like to individuals, passed on or living, who have made a significant contribution to the successful potato industry.

These nominees may include those individuals involved in planting, harvesting, processing, marketing or enhancing this industry in any way.


Nominations should be submitted in a clear and concise manner and typewritten if possible.  Please include the name and address of the nominee.  Outline in detail why you feel this person should be considered for this award.  Whether the nomination is being submitted by a group or by an individual, please provide a name, address, and telephone number of a person to contact.


It is the museum’s hope to plan this event for February 2013. In order to make that happen, your help is needed. Please nominate your friends, family or co-workers for this fun and prestigious award. Each award winner will be honored with a gift from the Idaho Potato Museum as well as have their name posted inside the museum as an award winner.



Commercial Energy Efficiency Makes Good Business Sense

Would you like to improve your bottom line by investing in energy efficiency? If so, you’re not alone. Eighty-five percent of companies agree that reducing electricity costs is essential to staying competitive (Deloitte resources 2012 Study, Insights into Corporate Energy Management Trends). Idaho Power’s Easy Upgrades program not only provides energy efficiency incentives, but expertise to help businesses determine how to get the most out of their upgrades. Areas where you can reduce your bottom line (or lower your facility operating costs) and earn an incentive in the process vary from replacing outdated T-12 light fixtures with more efficient and better quality T-8 fixtures to installing variable speed drives.. Below is a sample of incentives available for eligible replacement projects:

  • · Energy efficient lighting
  • · Commercial kitchen equipment
  • · Efficient air conditioning units
  • · Energy efficient HVAC controls

Stay Warm This Winter And Save Energy!

As winter approaches and we start preparing by chopping wood and canning the last tomatoes from the garden, we shouldn’t forget to prepare our home for the cold months ahead too.

Idaho Power has great energy efficiency programs to keep you comfortable this winter while saving energy!

  • · Electrically heated homes can benefit from our Home Improvement Program with incentives for adding insulation.
  • · With See ya later, refrigerator® we can remove your secondary refrigerator or freezer, pay you $30 and help you lower your energy use! Is there a better deal out there?
  • · Switch to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and save money, energy and time! CFLs come in a variety of wattages, colors and applications including bulbs for three-way and dimmable. Try placing them in your outdoor lighting fixtures this fall so you won’t have to change any outdoor bulbs in winter conditions.

For more information and specific requirements on these programs, and others, please go to: Or contact any one of our customer service representatives at Idaho Power’s Pocatello Office, 208-236-7719.



Perfect Day Wedding & Prom


How much do you need to spend when renting a tuxedo, whether for the prom or for a wedding?

Have you ever seen a guy in a tuxedo look bad, whether it cost $50 or $100? Not likely, most guys clean up pretty good. Usually the biggest challenge is getting them to wear one.

There are very few manufactures of tuxedos, and most of the material is the same. Sometimes the collars are a little different but most have satin lapels, buttons and the stripe on the pant. Raffinati, After Six, Ralph Lauren and Jean Yves are some of the most popular manufactures.

What can change the appearance and keep the price more reasonable is the colored vest or cummerbund and a tie to match. There are many colors to pick from so go with a reasonably priced tuxedo and dress it up with the color in the vest and tie. Also prom is where it is popular to match the color of the girls dress.
You can still have fun and not break the bank doing it!


You Are What You Eat: Nutritional Epigenetics

Remember high school anatomy class, where you learned that DNA and cells make up our bodies? You may not have learned about the epigenome back then, but scientists have been studying it for decades.

The genome is your body’s complete set of DNA and genes. The epigenome is made up of the DNA packaging material called histones and chemicals that tell the genome what to do. These chemicals can turn different genes on or off to create different types of cells. For example, the epigenome tells your skin cells to behave like skin cells, liver cells like liver cells, and so on.

Epigenome and Disease

The chemical compounds that comprise and affect the epigenome come from natural sources such as food, or man-made sources such as medicines.

Research shows that changes in the epigenome can trigger diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

Nutrition’s Effect on DNA

The effect of nutrition on cellular health is nothing new. For years, scientists have studied the way certain nutrients can affect DNA.

Our food provides nutrients necessary for methylation of DNA, an essential biochemical process that affects the expression of genes. DNA methylation can be improved or inhibited by our nutritional intake. For example, choline — a micronutrient found in cauliflower — can improve fetal brain development by improving DNA methylation.

The release of genes that cause inflammation can also be affected by nutrition. For example, resveratrol — a micronutrient found in grapes — can reduce symptoms of colitis by reducing the effect of inflammatory genes.

Lunasin: The Future of Nutritional Genomics

One of the most exciting discoveries in nutritional genomics is a soy peptide called lunasin. Changes in the epigenome can cause serious diseases. Lunasin attaches to the histones and helps the epigenome function properly, so that these changes do not occur in the cells.

Lunasin nourishes – provides the nutritional fuel to promote optimal expression of genes required for normal cell function.

Lunasin protects – reduces inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals and other environmental hazards. Provides protection in two ways:

1. Prevention. Activates the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and prevents the expression of genes that can cause cell damage.

2. Maintenance. Helps remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.

A Note From Dr. Carl Hastings

Are you ready to take advantage of the next big nutrition innovation?

In more than 40 years as a nutrition scientist, I’ve studied hundreds of micronutrients with incredible effects on human health. But lunasin is the most exciting nutritional discovery of them all.

Dozens of clinical studies have already documented lunasin’s positive effects on the epigenome. And many more clinical studies are in the works.

Lunasin is truly on the cutting edge of nutritional science — and Reliv is leading the way.

Reliv has harnessed the power of lunasin in LunaRich™ soy powder. LunaRich contains five to ten times more lunasin than ordinary soy powder, and it’s available only from Reliv.

To your health,

Dee Ann Lucks, Until The Whole World Hears LLC



The Senior Center located at 20 East Pacific Street in Blackfoot is now offering Delivery of lunch right to your office.  You can stop by the center and pick up a menu for the month or call us and we can fax it to you.  To place your order, please call 785-4714 by 10:00 am.  Delivery is between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.  All meals are prepared fresh daily.

The center also offers a complete line of homemade goodies and breads.

We are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  In addition to serving a hot lunch each day at noon, there is a wide range of fun activities throughout the day.  All members of the community are invited to come in for lunch but for those of you who can’t make it in to see us, remember to call and we will bring your lunch to you.


Pamela Beus, Executive Director



Transform Yourself in 2013

More than half Americans say they are trying to drop some weight. If you go with the flow in America today you will end up overweight or obese.  Obesity takes a huge toll on people’s health, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver problems, degerative joint disease, and even cancer.

Your weight is a matter of life or death.  1 out of 2 obese people will die prematurely due to complications associated with their weight. The culprit behind the epidemic is that “we are eating significantly more calories now” than 30 years ago. Many Americans are eating high-fat, high calorie diets, and they are not moving nearly as much as they should.

Why diets set you up to fail: on most diets you lose fat and muscle. When you lose muscle, your metabolism drops, and you lose your ability to burn fat. When you go off your diet you gain weight back faster.

Shaklee’s science behind Cinch Inch Loss plan is formulated to help you break the vicious diet cycle.  Cinch contains clinically tested Leucine formula which helps you burn the fat you don’t need and lose the inches you don’t want. Leucine helps the body retain and build lean muscles.  Cinch comes with a 100% guarantee!

Get the products that helped participants lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks!


Get started today!  Here’s how it works!

Afternoon – snack bar and energy tea:  Breakfast & Lunch –meal replacements (bar/shakes): Boosters- you take 1 with every meal.  Just eat a healthy dinner and your program is complete.  We have the tools and support to help you succeed.  Join the thousands of people who have lost weight with Cinch!


DIANE L.SMITH   INDEPENDENT SHAKLEE DISTRIBUTOR      Call 208-317-3371 for more information




Tip O’ the Hat

By: Jesica Smith, Executive Assistant

Our hats go off to all of the non-profit organizations who are working hard to make this holiday season bright for our community.  We appreciate all that they do for our community. Please join us in thanking the following organizations:

Community Dinner Table, SEICAA, Christmas Tree Fantasy, Bingham County Historical Society, American Legion, Children’s Community Christmas Projects, Modern Woodmen Service Project, Toys for Tots. We know that there are other organizations out there that contribute to the holiday season but the ones we have mentioned are the ones that have been brought to our attention.

Tip of the hat to our local firefighters who bravely escort Santa Claus around our community for his annual visit.

We would also like to thank Santa Claus for his planned visit to the Idaho Potato Museum, during their After Hours on the December 19th.

If you know of a business or individual who have gone above and beyond to help out in any way shape or form please let us know by emailing the Chamber office at or call 785-0510.



Making the Chamber Work for You

There are several reasons why business owners and managers join Chambers of Commerce. Topping the list are “giving back to the community” and “business to business networking.” The Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce not only fulfills these expectations with its annual events and monthly lunches but exceeds these mandates by providing low cost and no cost marketing options to its members.

Marketing is essential to the survival of every business. It’s simple, if you aren’t letting your customer know you’re out there, how are they going to find you? Or if you aren’t the only business doing “that thing you do,” how does your visibility compare with your competitor?

So how can the Chamber help you? The Chamber offers 11 effective promotion tools to market your business to other Chamber members and three very visible tools to market your business message to the greater Blackfoot community. Here they are:

Monthly Newsletter: Members can put an article in the monthly newsletter AT NO COST – the only requirement is that the article must be 250 words or less. The newsletter is inserted into the Morning News and distributed to their subscription list (approximately 8,000 households and mailed directly to Chamber businesses (approximately 250 members).

Newsletter Inserts: Here is a real bonus – you can insert a letter -sized flyer into the monthly newsletter that is mailed out to 250 Chamber members (see above). You can use the front and back of the flyer so you have loads of space to relay your message. Use color paper or bright colors in your graphics to make your ad eye catching! Get this – the cost is only $25!

Monday E-Newsletter: Members can put a short paragraph in the weekly email newsletter AT NO COST that goes out on Mondays. This newsletter is designed to be a quick read for members so they as they plan their week out they have up-to-date information on upcoming events.

Marquees: The Chamber has two marquees, one located on Highway 91 just outside the Idaho Potato Museum and the other one located at the corner of Parkway Dr. and Bergener Blvd. by Zions Bank. Both of these locations are in high traffic areas. For $40 per side, your message will stay up in front of the Blackfoot driving community for seven days. Marquee messages are great as branding and name recognition tools.

Trade Tables: For $25 you can showcase your business with a trade table at our monthly general membership meetings. Here you can speak one-on-one with other Chamber members and back up that conversation with tactical information about your business.

After Hours: Put your business on display by inviting fellow Chamber members to an After Hours. Take advantage of these open houses by making a presentation about your business and giving tours of your business or facility. Serve food and give away door prizes to increase the number of attendees. The Chamber sends out postcard invitations and advertises it in the Morning News. Cost of an After Hours is $250.

Ribbon Cuttings: Designed to welcome new businesses into the community and to bring attention to new upgrades and changes in an existing business. Ribbon cuttings are covered by the Morning News and are FREE to Chamber members.

Luncheon Sponsor: Businesses can host a Chamber luncheon for $75. As the luncheon host, you are given 15 minutes to make a presentation about your business or event. Chamber lunches are held the second Wednesday of every month with 40 to 60 Chamber members attending.

Door Prizes: Boost your business’ visibility at the monthly luncheons by submitting a product or logoed items from your business as a door prize to be given away at the monthly Chamber lunches. Your donation not only builds name recognition among your peers but it brings great entertainment value to the luncheons.

Gift Certificate Program: Support local merchants by joining the Chamber’s Gift Certificate program for $30. Chamber Gift Certificates helps the Bingham County economy by keeping money circulating locally. These make the best gifts as the recipients can choose where they want to spend it!

Event Sponsorships: Brand your business at one of the many Chamber events. You and your company will receive VIP treatment at the event and will be part of all event advertising. Cost varies depending upon the event.

To take advantage of any of these low cost marketing programs, contact Tish Dahmen or Jesica Smith at the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce at 785-0510 or email them at To learn more about the Chamber go to .


Renewing Members


Fairchild Construction

T-Shirt Shoppe

American Legion Stewart Hoover Post 23

Bingham County Commissioners

Pendleton Flour Mills, LLC



Did you know that over $10,000 in Blackfoot Chamber gift certificates have been sold since the program started? That means over $10,000 has stayed in the community and helped local businesses.

Chamber Gift Certificates are a great way to support your community while giving the gift everyone loves to receive! This program helps customers shop local and keeps dollars in our community. Chamber Gift Certificates are great for holiday, graduation and anniversary gifts and are ideal for employee bonuses.

Whether they are spent on gas and groceries or restaurants and jewelry, Chamber Gift Certificates are an easy way to support Bingham County and our local businesses. They can be purchased in any denomination and are the perfect fit for that hard to shop for friend or an extra special employee bonus.





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