Chamber Member Benefits

Wondering why you should become a member of the Greater Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce?

Here are 13 reasons that should help you make up your mind:

  1. Monthly Luncheon:

    Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce Monthly LuncheonHave you attended a chamber luncheon recently? I know things are busy at the office; however, attending one of the chamber’s monthly luncheons could do wonders for your business and for your appetite. One benefit is that all members have the option of bringing a brochure, business card or flier from their business to hand out to all luncheon attendees. This is also a good place to meet and greet your fellow Blackfoot merchants. Whether you are new to town or have had a business in the area for decades there is always an opportunity to meet someone new. Blackfoot has new businesses popping up every month and what a wonderful help it is to them for a long-time member of the chamber to welcome them into the community. All of this and so much more can be done by attending one of the chamber’s luncheons. The luncheons are held the second Wednesday of every month at various locations around town. Find the time to come and it will be worth your while.

  2. Share Your News:

    Tell the residents of Blackfoot and its surrounding areas what new and exciting things are happening within your business. Once you have paid your initial membership fee, you have access to the monthly newsletter for the remainder of your membership time. That means you are always welcome to give us information about your business whenever you’d like. Now we do ask that this not be used as a typical advertising tool such as a 2 for 1 company special or a “best price in town type of article.” You can however tell us about a new employee or manager, a remodel or location change, a community event you may be sponsoring, an award or recognition your business has received, a thank you to someone within the community…the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of the monthly chamber newsletter because it is a tool for you and your business to use.

  3. Referrals:

    Did you know that if a community member calls the chamber for a business referral we always refer our members first? This doesn’t always apply to members of the Blackfoot community either. We get calls from all over the country asking for referrals for Meeting Places, Motels, Real Estate Agencies, Property Management Offices, and Restaurants. As a chamber member we are always looking out for your best interest. Although we are aware of the many terrific businesses in the area who are not members of the chamber, we are most loyal and protective to those who are. Last Year I had a new Blackfoot resident call and ask if a certain Blackfoot business was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. When I informed her that they weren’t she asked for a different company that was a member and who could fill her needs. Because there was a company on my membership roles who performed this same service I was able to give her the referral of a chamber business.

  4. Getting Involved:

    Did you know that the more you put into your chamber membership, the more you are going to get out of it? Now is the time to make goals for yourself and your business for the upcoming 2008 season. It’s a great time to decide what is important to you and what things you would like to see the chamber do for our community. Come out and meet the new board members, volunteer to join a committee, attend a ribbon cutting for a new Blackfoot business… All of these are ways you can put more into your chamber while making some great contacts and possibly expanding the growth of your own business at the same time.

  5. Advertising:

    Advertising with the Blackfoot Chamber of CommerceIt is time to let the Chamber of Commerce help you with your advertising needs. There are many ways to advertise your business in our Chamber newsletter with minimal cost to your business. Did you know that The Morning News offers paid advertisements in each of our monthly newsletters? The chamber also gives businesses an opportunity to insert a flier into the 250+ newsletters that are mailed out each month. Both of these ways to advertise have minimal costs and reach a lot of people. We are here to help you promote your business while watching your business succeed!
    Click here for more information on advertising with the Chamber.

  6. Legislative Involvement:

    Did you know that you could work alongside your local legislators? Each Thursday from now until the end of the Legislative session all chamber members are invited to enjoy a no-host breakfast at Stan’s while interacting with your local leaders by phone. You are free to voice any concerns regarding upcoming votes that may affect you, your business and your community. This is a wonderful opportunity provided by the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce; yet another reason to become a member of this great organization.

  7. Tax Deductible:

    Did you know that your membership in the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce is a tax-deductible investment? Yet one more reason to join the chamber of commerce and in doing so, helping to do your part in creating growth within our business community.

  8. Marquee Advertising:

    Each Monday there are four new messages that go up on our marquees. They are put up by the city rain or shine (which we greatly appreciate). Placing a message on the marquee is an excellent and inexpensive way to advertise your business. As a chamber member your cost for a week’s advertising is $40. For that $40 you receive 5 lines/ 20 spaces per line for your message. Some ideas for use of the marquees are new business openings, seasonal specials, upcoming events, open houses… The ideas are endless and if you are worried about putting the right message up there give Norma a call at the chamber office and she can help you out with finding just the right wording to say what you want to say; she’s a pro! Non-chamber members are also welcome to advertise on our marquees at a slightly higher rate. Once again, another benefit received by belonging to the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce.

  9. Membership Mailing List:

    Did you know that as a Chamber of Commerce member you are entitled to receive a list of every chamber member? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a prepared mailing list that you could pick and choose from depending on who your target market is? This is yet one more reason many Blackfoot businesses belong to the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in obtaining a list, contact the chamber staff at 785-0510.

  10. New Member Orientation:

    As a new member of the chamber you are invited at no charge to participate in what we call “new member orientation.” During this breakfast or lunch meeting you have an opportunity to learn about what the chamber can do for you in a small group setting. We detail what the chamber can offer your business now that you are a member. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about your membership.

  11. Blackfoot Bucks Gift Certificates:

    Is your business currently participating in our Blackfoot Bucks gift certificate program? In case you have never seen one, these are gift certificates the chamber sells to businesses and individuals all year. These certificates can be used at any busy listed which is about 30 different places. These make great gifts for employees, friends and/or family members. For a minimal fee your business can be listed as a place of redemption. All a person does is pay with their certificate instead of cash, you bring the certificate to the chamber and we give you a check for the full face value. This is a very inexpensive advertising tool for your business because whether the gift certificate is used at your business or not, the name of your business is still seen by the receiver.

  12. Chamber Website:

    Last but not least is the Chamber website. Our website is a great tool and over the next few months watch for fun new changes to be made to the website. We hope to have more business links, more advertising opportunities, great local pictures and have our Blackfoot magazine available in a pdf downloadable format. We hope that making these changes will even enhance more this valuable tool.

  13. Red-Ribbon Cutting:

    Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce Red-Ribbon CuttingThe Chamber offers a red-ribbon cutting for all new Chamber and non-Chamber businesses or organizations. The Chamber will invite the local media to take a picture and run a short article in the local newspaper. Businesses that have done remodeling, moved locations, or made a significant change to their business plan may also consider having a red-ribbon cutting event to highlight the new changes to their business. There is no charge for Chamber or non-Chamber members.

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