Becoming a Member


Standard Marquee
Every Monday there are two new messages that go up on our marquee. They are put up by the city rain or shine (which we greatly appreciate). Placing a message on the marquee is an excellent and inexpensive way to advertise your business.

  • Chamber Membership Discount: $40 per sign
  • Non Chamber Member: $60 per sign

Each message can contain up to 5 lines/ 20 spaces per line for your message. Please plan on reserving the standard marquee signs a couple months in advance. (They go fast!)

Digital Marquee

Every Monday five messages go up on our digital marquee board. Ads are guaranteed to rotate no less than 30 times in an hour time frame. Only community events and personal messages (congrats, happy birthday, etc.) messages can go up on the digital marquee board.

  • Chamber Membership Discount: $50 per ad space
  • Non Chamber Member: $70 per ad space

Luncheon Sponsorship

Each month the Chamber hosts a luncheon and offers a sponsorship opportunity to a Chamber Member. The sponsor is recognized on the marquee and The Morning News advertisement, and on the printed program handed out at the lunch. Sponsors are given 10 minutes to address the lunch group and may choose the guest speakers for the program. Sponsors are also provided a trade table to place brochures, literature, or information products on.
Cost: $75

Trade Table Sponsor

These tables are offered to Chamber Members and charitable or fundraising organizations
during the monthly luncheon. A sponsor is given a banquet-style table in which they can
promote their business through visual aids, literature, product trials, raffles, or other means as approved by the Chamber. Trade Tables are set up 30 minutes prior to the luncheon and remain in place until the conclusion of the program. Each sponsor is allowed about 1 minute during the lunch program to promote their business.
Cost: $25

After Hours

Once per month, the Chamber hosts an After Hours event and offers a sponsorship opportunity to a Chamber Member. After Hours is an open-house style gathering held in the evening where a Member may promote their business or services. The Chamber offers advertising and promotion through e-postcard invitations, email, social media, print media (including the monthly newsletter), and television and radio spots when possible. The Chamber staff is available to offer assistance and ideas to the sponsor as needed. The After Hours sponsor must be a member in good standing and must provide door prize(s), refreshments and beverages, and their logo for advertising purposes. The sponsor may choose to conduct a program with speakers or visual aids, or may opt for an open house/social interaction style event.
Cost: $150

Chamber Gift Certificate Program

This program is only available for “buy-in” to Chamber Members. The program is designed to generate more business for participating members. The participating member’s name and logo is listed on the certificate. Chamber member or non-member businesses and individuals may purchase gift certificates in any amount from the Chamber to give away or to use for their own purposes. The recipient of the gift certificate may redeem it at any one of the participating member businesses listed. When a certificate is redeemed, the participating member returns the used certificate to the Chamber for reimbursement.
Cost: $30 annually

Chamber Newsletter

The Chamber publishes a monthly newsletter which spotlights a member business and
offers all members article space to promote their business. The newsletters are printed by The Morning News and distributed to each subscriber and mailed to each Chamber Member. The articles are free of charge to members and must be submitted by the deadline in order to be put in the publication. Members may also opt for Newsletter Inserts which are stuffed in the newsletter as a separate printing.

Pre-printed inserts turned into the Chamber for insertion: $25
250 printed copies must be provided.

Inserts that need to be printed by Blackfoot Chamber staff:
Color Prints:
One-sided: $55.00
   Two-sided: $75.00
Black and White Prints:
One-sided: $35
   Two-sided: $45

Ribbon Cutting

The Chamber offers a red-ribbon cutting for all new Chamber businesses or organizations. The Chamber will invite the local media to take a picture and run a short article in the local newspaper. Businesses that have done remodeling, moved locations, or made a significant change to their business plan may also consider having a red-ribbon cutting event to highlight the new changes to their business.
Cost: Free for Chamber Members

Membership List

Upon request, the Chamber may provide a Member List with limited member information. The list will include only the Chamber Member business name, address, phone number, and contact person.
Cost: $50 for Chamber Members. Chamber Membership is required to obtain this list.

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