Blackfoot stands as an oasis in the desert with many attractions, and facilities for its citizens and visitors.

Blackfoot holds the title of the potato capital of the world. Blackfoot has invested a lot of money in the industry of growing potatoes, and consequently the potatoes production is an impressive one.

Tourists travel from all over the world to visit the Idaho Potato Museum, where they find out interesting information about this industry and how the city has managed to be offered this title. It is here that the largest baked potato in the entire world, as well as the largest potato crisp ever can be admired, along with other interesting facts and historical items.

Every year the Blackfoot holds the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The Blackfoot Golf Course is another place that draws the attention of many people; it is there that kids are invited to attend golf classes that are created especially for them.

The history of the settlement is a typical American one. In 1874 the first general store was built after the owners found out that a railroad was going to be built there. Then it was a post office that was there opened. The first name of the settlement was Grove City, a name that was changes later on to Blackfoot, in 1879. Then, when Bingham County was created, Blackfoot was elected the county seat.

The weather in Blackfoot is semi-arid; the winters are cold and the summers are hot and dry. The average temperature during winter is 14 Fahrenheit degrees and during summer it is around 84 Fahrenheit degrees.

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